Coaches that work in high performance sports tend to have many athletes under their care, have a high pressure to get results and have a higher level of knowledge than the average fitness professional. The first challenge means that they need systems and tools that allow them to easily scale their programming across groups and teams, while still being able to customize to each athlete. The second challenge requires systems and tools that allow the coaches to measure progress accordingly, and intervene when needed. The last challenge just means that they have more knowledge to capitalize on, but face limits for how much they can reasonably charge per hour without completely eliminating most potential clients.

Can use Trainer+ to provide strength and conditioning programs for teams that can be...

  • specialized by groups (sport/position)  

  • personalized to the athlete from group templates

  • Sent in the off-season to keep accountability from a distance

Can be sold and implemented...

  • As a part of the testing and fitness programming currently in place

  • As a recruiting tool and a way to keep alumni engaged

Offset costs by selling team programming to amateur teams or by getting a sponsor for the strength and conditioning network.

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