High overhead costs both in opening and running the business add to the reasons for the overall challenges to the fitness industry as a whole: having to cover all the upfront costs leads to even more emphasis on year-long memberships and long term training packages. (see above)

Can use Trainer+ to provide a personalized fitness plan to all members

  • As an introduction to the gym and personal training, creating more natural points for reassessment and selling training

  • As a supplement to group classes or training, giving personalized plans in addition to the group activities for off days

  • As an addition to personal training or a way to offer new lower involvement training services with flexible packages and pricing

Can be sold and implemented in the assessment and trial process

  • Offer multiple options based on goals and timeline for different levels and services to fit all potential customers budgets

  • Can give the first program and a session to teach it as a trial and value add to the assessment (secondary or tertiary sales points)

Offset costs by charging a premium for this additional support and with the reassessments giving more natural upselling points.

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