The biggest challenge for independent trainers is in finding new clients, as they have to drive the entire business themselves and there is not a built in prospect pool of members as there is in a facility. To add to this challenge, independent trainers must stand out with an expertise or specialization that makes potential clients choose training with them over the other fitness options out there. The advantage in being independent is that you have flexibility in how you sell and deliver your services and are not bound to someone else’s business model.

Can use Trainer+ in any number of flexible ways

  • add digital support for regular weekly training clients

  • offer less involved training with digital support (i.e. bi-weekly)

  • fitness (monthly) programming as a service

Can be sold and implemented in the assessment and trial process

  • Offer multiple options based on goals and timeline for different levels and services to fit all potential customers’ budgets

  • Can give the first program and a session to teach it as a trial and value add to the assessment (secondary or tertiary sales points)

Offset the cost of software by a) charging for digital support and b) from new revenues from lower involvement services that are difficult to deliver without a tool like Trainer+.

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