Whatever your business/service model is, Trainer Plus enterprise can help you deliver

Features for Organizations

Shared Libraries (1).png

Shared Libraries

Templates of workouts, programs and assessments shared between your trainers.

Manager Oversight (1).png

Manager Oversight

Add another level of accountability. Keep up to date with your trainers’ programming and assessments.

Lead Generation (2).png

Lead Generation

Engage members beyond training clients and build value for your services



Learn more about the demographics and preferences of your members. Improve your customer experience.

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Custom App

Your brand, your colors and your fitness content (exercises and workouts) all in one app.


Want to see the features in action?

New ways to evolve your fitness business:

Viable New Revenue Streams.png

Viable New Revenue Streams

Sell monthly content subscriptions, new programming and online options, and enhance weekly personal training.

Viable new revenue streams to engage any type of member and new customers beyond your gym.

New Revenue Streams.png
Value Add to members new.png

Value Add to Members

Give more options to your members and take a long term approach to supporting their fitness goals.

Generate ongoing personal training leads, increase engagement, and boost retention for your members base.

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Streamlining operations.png

Streamlining Operations

Organize management with automated follow up, manager oversight on trainers, clients and members and reporting on fitness performance, progress and engagement.

Automate your fitness management and make sure everyone is accountable for all relevant touch points with customers.

Streamlining Operations.png
4. Branding.png


Use your own exercise, workout, program and assessment content shared across staff to execute your fitness methods and ensure quality.

Build a custom app with your logos, colors, and content to sell subscriptions and generate leads for your brand. Your brand works across the entire Trainer Plus platform.


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Want to figure Out How Trainer Plus Fits With Your Organization?

Types of Organizations

Trainer Plus is flexible enough to support all types of fitness organizations:


Want to know how?

Trainer Plus is designed for fitness organizations that:

  • Are looking to provide mobile content options or online training as part of their service

  • Sell or want to sell into the corporate wellness and healthcare markets

  • Have a streamlined operations model and clear brand they are looking to scale

  • Want to build a custom fitness management and/or content system

Does this sound like you?

The business of fitness is changing, what are you doing to evolve and take your business into the future.

See how we can help.

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