Trainer Plus is a web and mobile platform that creates new ways for personal trainers and gyms to scale your business with online content and support.

More than just online workout tracking, the platform allows you to provide your ideal mobile client/member experience, automate your fitness management and evolve your business.

The Platform

Flexible and easy to use. Watch to see how the Trainer Plus platform works:


On the ExerGuide side of the platform, libraries of exercise and workout content are created and shared in the mobile apps. Content can be searched and users can make lists of favorites or to request a workout program from a trainer. The app can be customized for brands with your logo, colours and content.

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On the Trainer+ side of the platform, personal trainers and gyms can create shared libraries of workouts, programs and assessments that can be customized for the end user, tracked in the mobile apps, and have the follow up automated for next steps.


New Support Pathways

Trainer Plus creates an effective support pathway for all members in a fitness organization. New services, with online support and content can be easily delivered, and Trainer Plus prompts for more help and follow up at the right times:


Long Term Support

It allows everyone to take a long term approach to fitness support, where the follow up is managed by Trainer Plus:


Your members and clients are getting their fitness content on their phones.

People (and trainers) are tired of weekly 1-hour sessions as the only option for personal training.

Consumers expect more options and a two way dialogue with their brands.

Data and customized experiences are more important than ever before.

How evolved is your fitness management?


Time for a change?


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