Similar to independent trainers, it can be challenging to find new clients and drive your business. However, training people where they live has a couple of additional challenges to the typical ones of an independent trainer, such as having to travel to the clients (additional travel expenditures) and either bringing equipment with you or using what they have available in their residence.

Can use Trainer+ to support at home and in condo training

  • With programs designed for the available equipment: lots of bodyweight, dumbbell and exercise ball variations of many exercises

  • Offer regular training services with support for off days

  • Offer programs to residents who need something personalized for their goals and the given equipment but do not want or can not afford regular training services

Can be sold and implemented...

  • With flyers or online marketing offering programming services in addition to regular training

  • Directly to condo boards and building managers as a value-added service for their existing amenities

Offset costs with new revenues from digital and programming services, with the potential to subsidize training with gym management or other fees from boards/managers.

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