Training from a distance and without any in-person sessions is a challenge to both communicating programs and technique effectively and keeping people accountable on an ongoing basis. Most of the ways of tracking workouts from a distance are tedious on the client to write out everything they have done, and equally tedious for trainers to look through all the spreadsheets, emails or whatever else used to track/communicate in order for them to get an understanding of progress. With check ins every week or few days, there does not seem to be oversight and accountability in between these interactions.

Can use Trainer+ to provide online training services

  • Support virtual training with the app to better track days working with and away from your clients, better progress and performance data, more accountability and context specific communication from a distance

  • Exercise demos in the app to help support client technique, can be seen from anywhere (offline available)

  • Better administer fitness programming as a service

Can be sold and implemented...

  • Instead of the the spreadsheets or PDF’s being emailed around right now; seamless and simple communication of program between trainer and client

Offset costs by charging a premium for this additional support and from new revenues from a more viable online tracking service

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