Corporate wellness is a particular challenge for HR departments to find viable ways to support employee fitness that actually see an ROI, while at the same time, fitness and health professionals are clamouring to get in the door and sell their services to groups of employees. Providing or subsidizing fitness facilities only gives the employees access, but does not necessarily lead to them using it, or ultimately, positive health outcomes. On the other side, there are very few mechanisms for fitness professionals to engage HR departments to support employee wellness outside of lunch and learns or other ways of selling their time in one hour blocks like group classes.

Can use Trainer+ to provide fitness plan support to employees

  • Subsidize a personalized fitness plan designed and administered by a fitness professional for all employees

  • Offer ‘Trainer-in-Residence’ service where trainer can provide office hours and a forum to support all employee’s fitness

  • Group challenges from data captured in the app

Can be sold and implemented...

  • Directly to HR department

  • Through group insurers

Offset costs by savings in pharmaceutical and other costs to group benefits, decreasing absenteeism, and increased productivity of employees.

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