Trainers who work in gyms are challenged to maintain their business within the restrictions of the company’s business model. While this typically is the bigger challenge to the industry outlined above, and just making a living given these economics is a challenge, the more direct challenge to trainers working in gyms is meeting the demands of their managers. These are typically related to the number of billed hours they do, renewals and efficiency, but with few tools to actually improve them.

Can use Trainer+ within the confines of the gym’s business model

  • Offer a range of services if your employer provides flexibility in packages

  • Use it to more accurately track client progress in order to help renewals and referrals

  • To see the benefits of a group solution, see the Facilities section

Can be sold and implemented in assessment and trial process

  • Offer multiple options based on goals and timeline for different levels and services to fit all potential customers’ budgets

  • Can use Trainer+ to give a first program as part of gym orientation process and ensure a reassessment appointment

Can also be implemented just as part of the regular training service

  • Track workouts when working with the client

  • Assign homework on days away from you

  • Have a place to share progress and track compliance

Cost can be offset by charging for digital support and with increased training revenues from new and renewed clients.

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