The Trainer+ platform was designed to be flexible for many different people and organizations throughout fitness. Learn more about how you can incorporate it into your business by clicking on the type of trainer below that most applies to you.

Independent Trainer

Facility Trainer

In-Home/Condo Trainer

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Online Trainer

Corporate Fitness/Gym

Strength Coach


The biggest challenge for independent trainers is in finding new clients, as they have to drive the entire business themselves and there is not a built in prospect pool of members as there is in a facility. To add to this challenge, independent trainers must stand out with an expertise or specialization that makes potential clients choose training with them over the other fitness options out there. The advantage in being independent is that you have flexibility in how you sell and deliver your services and are not bound to someone else’s business model.

Can use Trainer+ in any number of flexible ways

  • add digital support for regular weekly training clients

  • offer less involved training with digital support (i.e. bi-weekly)

  • fitness (monthly) programming as a service

Can be sold and implemented in the assessment and trial process

  • Offer multiple options based on goals and timeline for different levels and services to fit all potential customers’ budgets

  • Can give the first program and a session to teach it as a trial and value add to the assessment (secondary or tertiary sales points)

Offset the cost of software by a) charging for digital support and b) from new revenues from lower involvement services that are difficult to deliver without a tool like Trainer+.

Trainers who work in gyms are challenged to maintain their business within the restrictions of the company’s business model. While this typically is the bigger challenge to the industry outlined above, and just making a living given these economics is a challenge, the more direct challenge to trainers working in gyms is meeting the demands of their managers. These are typically related to the number of billed hours they do, renewals and efficiency, but with few tools to actually improve them.

Can use Trainer+ within the confines of the gym’s business model

  • Offer a range of services if your employer provides flexibility in packages

  • Use it to more accurately track client progress in order to help renewals and referrals

  • To see the benefits of a group solution, see the Facilities section

Can be sold and implemented in assessment and trial process

  • Offer multiple options based on goals and timeline for different levels and services to fit all potential customers’ budgets

  • Can use Trainer+ to give a first program as part of gym orientation process and ensure a reassessment appointment

Can also be implemented just as part of the regular training service

  • Track workouts when working with the client

  • Assign homework on days away from you

  • Have a place to share progress and track compliance

Cost can be offset by charging for digital support and with increased training revenues from new and renewed clients.

Similar to independent trainers, it can be challenging to find new clients and drive your business. However, training people where they live has a couple of additional challenges to the typical ones of an independent trainer, such as having to travel to the clients (additional travel expenditures) and either bringing equipment with you or using what they have available in their residence.

Can use Trainer+ to support at home and in condo training

  • With programs designed for the available equipment: lots of bodyweight, dumbbell and exercise ball variations of many exercises

  • Offer regular training services with support for off days

  • Offer programs to residents who need something personalized for their goals and the given equipment but do not want or can not afford regular training services

Can be sold and implemented...

  • With flyers or online marketing offering programming services in addition to regular training

  • Directly to condo boards and building managers as a value-added service for their existing amenities

Offset costs with new revenues from digital and programming services, with the potential to subsidize training with gym management or other fees from boards/managers.

The challenge for group instructors is for people to get real value (results) from their program in order to keep on coming. Most of the time, the group class is focused more on the cardio or HIIT element, and does not allow for a personalized weight program based on their goals. While their clients may get a great workout the days they attend class, it is usually what they do on the other days that will dictate success to their overall fitness goals.

Can use Trainer+ to provide a personalized weight plan to supplement group classes

  • Strength work to be done on days in between classes customized for the client

Can be sold and implemented...

  • Through initial assessment process or by building in an assessment and one-on-one component to the class

  • Package the personalized plans and assessments with bootcamp or membership

Offset costs by charging a premium for this additional support and because the reassessments will give more natural upselling points.

Training from a distance and without any in-person sessions is a challenge to both communicating programs and technique effectively and keeping people accountable on an ongoing basis. Most of the ways of tracking workouts from a distance are tedious on the client to write out everything they have done, and equally tedious for trainers to look through all the spreadsheets, emails or whatever else used to track/communicate in order for them to get an understanding of progress. With check ins every week or few days, there does not seem to be oversight and accountability in between these interactions.

Can use Trainer+ to provide online training services

  • Support virtual training with the app to better track days working with and away from your clients, better progress and performance data, more accountability and context specific communication from a distance

  • Exercise demos in the app to help support client technique, can be seen from anywhere (offline available)

  • Better administer fitness programming as a service

Can be sold and implemented...

  • Instead of the the spreadsheets or PDF’s being emailed around right now; seamless and simple communication of program between trainer and client

Offset costs by charging a premium for this additional support and from new revenues from a more viable online tracking service

Corporate wellness is a particular challenge for HR departments to find viable ways to support employee fitness that actually see an ROI, while at the same time, fitness and health professionals are clamouring to get in the door and sell their services to groups of employees. Providing or subsidizing fitness facilities only gives the employees access, but does not necessarily lead to them using it, or ultimately, positive health outcomes. On the other side, there are very few mechanisms for fitness professionals to engage HR departments to support employee wellness outside of lunch and learns or other ways of selling their time in one hour blocks like group classes.

Can use Trainer+ to provide fitness plan support to employees

  • Subsidize a personalized fitness plan designed and administered by a fitness professional for all employees

  • Offer ‘Trainer-in-Residence’ service where trainer can provide office hours and a forum to support all employee’s fitness

  • Group challenges from data captured in the app

Can be sold and implemented...

  • Directly to HR department

  • Through group insurers

Offset costs by savings in pharmaceutical and other costs to group benefits, decreasing absenteeism, and increased productivity of employees.

Coaches that work in high performance sports tend to have many athletes under their care, have a high pressure to get results and have a higher level of knowledge than the average fitness professional. The first challenge means that they need systems and tools that allow them to easily scale their programming across groups and teams, while still being able to customize to each athlete. The second challenge requires systems and tools that allow the coaches to measure progress accordingly, and intervene when needed. The last challenge just means that they have more knowledge to capitalize on, but face limits for how much they can reasonably charge per hour without completely eliminating most potential clients.

Can use Trainer+ to provide strength and conditioning programs for teams that can be...

  • specialized by groups (sport/position)  

  • personalized to the athlete from group templates

  • Sent in the off-season to keep accountability from a distance

Can be sold and implemented...

  • As a part of the testing and fitness programming currently in place

  • As a recruiting tool and a way to keep alumni engaged

Offset costs by selling team programming to amateur teams or by getting a sponsor for the strength and conditioning network.

High overhead costs both in opening and running the business add to the reasons for the overall challenges to the fitness industry as a whole: having to cover all the upfront costs leads to even more emphasis on year-long memberships and long term training packages. (see above)

Can use Trainer+ to provide a personalized fitness plan to all members

  • As an introduction to the gym and personal training, creating more natural points for reassessment and selling training

  • As a supplement to group classes or training, giving personalized plans in addition to the group activities for off days

  • As an addition to personal training or a way to offer new lower involvement training services with flexible packages and pricing

Can be sold and implemented in the assessment and trial process

  • Offer multiple options based on goals and timeline for different levels and services to fit all potential customers budgets

  • Can give the first program and a session to teach it as a trial and value add to the assessment (secondary or tertiary sales points)

Offset costs by charging a premium for this additional support and with the reassessments giving more natural upselling points.

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