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Trainer+ is a flexible and easy to use automated fitness management platform for gyms and trainers.




What is Automated Fitness Management?


Technology is capable of doing a lot more than just online training and selling pre-made plans.


Fitness management is not just workout prescription, but also:

  • Assessment

  • Oversight

  • Accountability

  • Ongoing program updates

  • Follow up



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Trainer+ gives trainers and managers all the tools they need to manage all of their members/clients in different degrees of fitness support.


The platform creates new support pathways to help deliver any service model with a more long term focus and more frequent interactions.


Want to see how it works for you?

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Keep members engaged beyond the walls of your facility.

Focus on support and stay connected with your clients in person and online.


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Bridging the gap between fitness and healthcare

Comparing Trainer+ to other fitness software? (We know there are a lot of options out there)

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Are you using technology to give your clients/members the support they deserve? Don’t be like Jack… your clients/members both in-person and online

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