Just like your medical records are easily shareable among healthcare professionals through an EMR (Electronic Medical Record) System, so should your fitness history, through the world’s first EFR (Electronic Fitness Record).


Are you a gym member?

Refer your gym to Trainer+!

Need someone to help you keep a proper fitness record and plan for your fitness goals?

 We can connect you with a trainer who... 

  • knows how to use Trainer+ effectively.
  • offers variable services that suit your needs.


Get a customized monthly fitness plan from one of our own Trainer+ pros that goes right to your phone.


Invite your trainer to start keeping your fitness record and long term planning on Trainer+!

Thanks to your referral, they will receive a free trial to get started.

If you want to train on your own or design your own program, you can now keep better track of your own fitness history and planning for free. If you do end up working with a trainer in the future (something we recommend) then your fitness history is there for them to see once you get started with them!

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