The World's first EFR (Electronic Fitness Record)!


The Problem:

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There is a gap between the fitness and healthcare industries.

This gap exists because the fitness industry is profit driven and unregulated, where as the healthcare industry is evidence based.


The Solution:

The solution lies in technology that creates new revenues and engagement in the fitness industry, while capturing the data and enforcing an evidence based approach needed for healthcare.

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Trainer+ is designed to support the needs of the healthcare industry for fitness as preventive medicine:

  • Evidence based approach

  • Long term planning and support

  • Captures both workout results and subjective patient support

  • Accessible and affordable support for everyone

  • Ability to create group and condition specific content

  • Easy tracking and data analysis for research



Our vision is a world where everyone has access to an effective and affordable preventive health plan advised by a qualified fitness professional.

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This is a world where:

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Every individual can find fitness support regardless of budget, schedule or access to facilities

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Trainers can make a good living with a focus on results and not sales

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Gyms make their profits from keeping people engaged over the long term, and not just from selling upfront packages and memberships

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Healthcare feels confident to prescribe fitness to trusted, efficacious professionals and a preventive plan is covered by extended healthcare insurance


Are you a healthcare provider or organization looking to include fitness as part of a preventive care program?


Are you a researcher looking for a tool to more easily track exercise results and long term progress (paper and online)?

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