We have the tools for you no matter your level or experience.



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  • Search and favourite from over 1100 exercises

  • Exercises include videos and written instructions

  • Make a list to request a program from a trainer

  • Exercises for any facility or goal



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  • Build or request a workout program based on your goals

  • Add online oversight to your program from a personal trainer

  • Customize a workout program for yourself

  • Track workouts on mobile and make ongoing updates to the program


Fitness support for any stage of your fitness journey:


I'm just getting started


If you are just starting on your fitness journey, we highly recommend that you work with a fitness professional to get started. This will help:

  • Prevent injuries and fix imbalances

  • Teach you proper technique

  • Have a program customized to your needs and goals

  • Keep you accountable to your plan

  • Motivate you to work harder

  • Keep a proper record of your fitness


For fitness content and support, the ExerGuide provides a perfect starting point:

  1. Download the ExerGuide app

  2. Make a list of your favorite exercises

  3. Request a workout program from:

    • A trainer you know or are working with

    • Have us connect you with a Trainer+ certified trainer

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I need to improve my fitness


There are lots of different ways that you can use the Trainer+ platform to add content and support to your fitness program. 

Whatever your level of fitness management, use the tools to improve: 

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I can train myself


Experienced and knowledgeable enough to design your own program and train yourself?

No problem, you can sign up to Trainer+ for free:

  • Keep an electronic record of your fitness.

  • Get access to libraries of workout programs.

  • Connect with a trainer for online oversight

  • Get a custom plan from an expert

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