[Video] Bridging the Gap Between Fitness and Healthcare

Big thanks to HealthTO for giving us a platform to talk about the importance of preventative healthcare at a time when we need it more than ever. 

We've been wanting to talk about this for awhile now, as it speaks to our long term vision of creating a world where everyone has access to a custom and effective fitness plan advised by a fitness professional. By changing the way personal training is sold, we can help fitness professionals make themselves more accessible and affordable so that everyone can get the help they need. Thanks for listening, and we hope to talk a lot more about this as we move forward.


With fitness as the top form of preventative healthcare and treatment in many cases, the fitness professional and plan still exist much outside the circle of care. Even though more money is being spent on fitness, and more (and more and more) technology has emerged in the fitness space, there has not been a noticeable effect on decreasing negative health outcomes from obesity, cardiac conditions, diabetes, etc. This presentation focuses on why this gap exists and how technology can be used to actually help close it and make fitness a part of the circle of care.

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About the Author: Nick Corneil is the founder of Trainer+, a company that builds software that makes it easy for fitness professionals to create, share, track and analyze fitness programs for their clients. For more information, sign up here orcheck out our homepage.

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