primary muscle: core



Lie prone with stomach on the exercise ball and arms extended with hands on the floor. Walk body on hands away from the ball, rolling ball to shins. Raise body inline, keeping a straight line between shoulders, hips, knees and elbows.


Bend hips and roll ball forward keeping knees straight and pushing hips into the air in a pike position. Roll ball as close to hands as possible, then roll ball back out extending legs until straight in plank position. Shoulders should stay directly overtop of hands throughout movement and not travel forward. Repeat.


Weight should be evenly distributed on arms which are fully extended with hands directly below shoulders on the floor, and shins resting on the ball. Exercise can be made more difficult by rolling ball to tops of the feet or having toes on the ball with a flexed ankle.

Supporting Muscles:

Hips, Lower Back, Shoulders, Abs

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