Organizations Types

Trainer Plus is flexible enough to support all types of fitness organizations

SME Gyms

Grow revenues and services without having new locations

  • Engage more people within and outside of your gym

  • Generate leads from the community around you

  • Make sure the techniques from your top trainers translate to all your staff

  • Add value and more accountability to your current clients


Scale your brand beyond the walls of your facility

Gym Chains

An easy and sustainable way to future proof your gym

  • Implement the system to help you scale and get new locations off the ground

  • Provide oversight and quality programming across all locations and ensure a consistent experience for all members

  • Easy implementation and training no matter how many locations

  • Out of the box or complete customized solutions available


Take your gym chain online and scale your brand outside your facilities

Equipment Manufacturers

Replace the exercise poster with a mobile app, and have your equipment prescribed by gyms and trainers

  • Exercise content on your equipment will be available for all gyms and trainers to prescribe in their client’s workouts

  • Build a custom app with exercises/workouts that has free and Premium subscription content (new revenue stream)

  • Use your own mobile app as a value add to customers and/or as a supplement to fitness certifications

  • Generate new equipment sales using your content


Make it easy for your customers to have all the content they need on their phones for your equipment.

Certifying Bodies

Take your certification mobile with value added content your members can use

  • Have libraries of education specific content that fitness professional can take with them and use

  • Provide the content to get your trainers started online

  • Build a custom app to generate leads for your certified trainers


Empower your certified fitness professionals with the content they need to succeed


Find new ways to support student, faculty and alumni. Provide fitness content and flexible training options for everyone.

  • Populate a custom app with exercises/workouts for the entire school population that can be used for a fundraiser for alumni and beyond

  • Capture every interaction online or offline. Track every rep, set and weight lifted to measure long term progress

  • Create opportunities for interested students to get experience training and supporting others

  • Use the trainer plus platform to collect data for exercise physiology research or in executing curriculum based around exercise


Technology that can help your institution with exercise options and data

Sports Teams

Engage fans with training content directly from your team.

  • Create libraries of exercises, drills and workouts branded with your team and players

  • Content can be used by coaches in your community to customize for their own players

  • Allows fans to connect to your team and train like their favorite player

  • Have a custom mobile app with free and premium content for your fans


Grow your sports team brand outside of games and into fan’s everyday lives

Mobile Analytics