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Welcome to the Trainer Plus employee fitness program. You should have been provided this link from your employer who has signed up for our 90 day employee fitness program. If you were not given this link, please contact us for more information.

Read through the information about the program and then sign up below.


What is Trainer Plus

Trainer Plus is a web and mobile platform for fitness discovery and tracking. It has 2 sides:

  • Search through exercises and workouts for any fitness level or facilities

  • View exercise information and demonstration videos

  • Make a list of favourites or request a workout program from a trainer

  • Track workout and assessment information about your fitness plan

  • View past results and progress

  • Have online oversight from a personal trainer


Employee Fitness Program

For participating in this program you get access to:

1) Premium Content in the ExerGuide

  • Get the full library of premium content, which includes over 1200 exercises and hundreds of workouts based for all levels of fitness and access to equipment/facilities.

  • Can also access the workout content in Trainer Plus to track your own workout program.

To see more about how the ExerGuide works, check out this video:


2) Discounts for online training services from a local fitness partner

  • Special rates for employees for online personal training services, which have more affordable options than traditional personal training

  • Free group workshops for your company with a fitness professional to help advise on planning


How the Program Works

Just follow these steps to get started:

  1. Sign up in the form below

  2. You will get an invite email from Trainer Plus with a temporary password

  3. Download the ExerGuide app

  4. Sign in with temporary password and then create your profile

  5. Search and discover fitness content

  6. Request a workout program from a trainer (if you want to)


*We will also provide on-site workshops for employees once the program starts.


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*Don’t see your company in our list, email us at support@trainerpl.us.


App Links

You can download the ExerGuide app at the links below:

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