Trainer Plus is flexible enough for any fitness business or service model.

The following show just some of the ways that Trainer Plus can be used:


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Totum Lifescience

Totum Life Science not only uses Trainer Plus to support their members with new content and support options, but also at their location embedded in a private executive health clinic. At the end of a comprehensive health assessment, patients are put through an FMS(Copyright) assessment, entered into the Trainer plus platform and offered a range of in-person and remote training options to support their health goals. The platform is flexible enough for preventative or corrective goals to help people get and stay moving properly in between their next health check up.

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YMCA - Warkworth Penitentiary

The YMCA of Central East Ontario is using Trainer Plus to support the staff and inmates of Warkworth Prison for fitness programming in a revolutionary study. The platform is helping provide fitness support as a benefit to staff and inmates fitness programming to help treat and prevent chronic health conditions. The data collected in Trainer Plus will be used to show the effectiveness of the program and how similar programs can be used in other facilities to support inmate fitness.


Prescription to Get Active

The Prescription to Get Active program provides a way for Canadians to get a prescription from their doctor that can be renewed at participating fitness facilities for free access. Trainer Plus provides a free version of the platform to enter patient’s initial consult and automate long term follow up beyond the initial free trial. This helps clubs have a regular check in, convert members and helps RxTGA track long term outcomes with data to help support the efficacy of the program.

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Independent Trainers and Boutiques

There are lots of examples of independent trainers and small boutiques using Trainer Plus to grow their business. Trainer Plus users provide a range of new services from supporting regular training, providing fitness programming, remote options, group classes and bootcamps, and all kinds of combinations of blended in-person and online services. Whatever the business or service model, Trainer Plus is flexible enough to deliver it and help evolve any fitness business online.

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