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For Organizations

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Trainer Plus for Business can be flexed and customized for any business and service model. We can help you get your fitness content into the hands of more customers and create new ways for you to support with online options. Whether it is generating new leads, creating new services or as a value add to current offerings, the Trainer Plus platform helps brands grow.


Benefits to Organizations

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New Services

Offer new online training options that combine in-person and remote training, or sell access to content for self-guided options.

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Custom Apps

Have Trainer Plus develop your own custom ExerGuide featuring your exercise and workout content, colors, logos and filters. Workout requests from your apps go directly to you.

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Content Libraries

Create exercise, workout and program libraries for your customers/members to purchase access to. Provide an additional service that also works to foster personal training leads.

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Knowledge Hierarchies

Have your top trainers and experts create templates of content that can be customized and used by everyone in the organization.

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Quality Assurance

Ensure high quality programming and service with library content for new trainers and oversight from managers for client programming and follow up.



Get data about every trainer and member that can be aggregated to measure performance, engagement, facility/equipment use, and to facilitate fitness challenges.


Pricing varies by organization based on number of locations, number of active users, degree of customization and implementation. There are cost effective ways to get started with your organization, with costs increasing as you invite more active clients (and therefore new revenues) to the platform.

We work with you to engage more people, our success is tied to your success!


Flexibility for Any Fitness Organization:

Gym Owners/Managers - Automate your fitness management and provide your dream member experience.

Bootcamp/Group Instructors - Provide your classes online or add workout programs to complement classes.

Equipment Manufacturers - Give your customers and fitness professionals an app with all of the exercises that can be done with your equipment and make sure exercises with it can be prescribed within Trainer+.

Certifying Bodies - Provide content libraries from experts as a value add to certifications and support members to continue their education and stay current.

Corporate Wellness - Provide companies and employees new fitness options as part of wellness programs.

Healthcare - Make sure fitness as preventative care and rehabilitation is tracked properly with oversight from a qualified professional. The world’s first EFR (Electronic Fitness Record).

Sports - Have training (strength an conditioning) programs, including skills and drills along with workouts, for any team or sport.

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For Individuals


As an individual you can use Trainer+ free for:

  • Tracking your own fitness

  • To build unlimited workouts and programs

  • Doing your own assessments


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